Nitro Cold Brew

Nitrogenated cold brew is something I’ve only recently gotten into, and I must say I’ve quickly become a fan. Like Guinness, this coffee is infused with nitrogen, giving it the smooth and creamy body and the iconic layer of white foam on top. Its high caffeine content is a great way to begin a day.

Nitrogenation is similar process to carbonation. With soda and most beers, the beverage is infused with carbon dioxide to give it the bubbles. Carbonation results in larger and stronger bubbles than nitrogen does. Nitrogenated coffee has smaller bubbles, which are insoluble. Coffee shops that serve nitro cold brew serve it on tap. Because nitrogen gas will not dissolve the way carbon dioxide bubbles do, nitro cold brew is more foamy than bubbly.

Nitro cold brew is unique because very few beverages are like it. Nitrogenated coffee is a pretty new creation, inspired by the rich and creamy taste of nitro beers like Guinness. Though I have only recently discovered this coffee, I am already a huge fan of it. Nitro cold brew is smooth and creamy, naturally sweet, low in acidity, and high in caffeine.

Nitro cold brew is a relatively new way to drink coffee, but it is quickly becoming more popular. Many coffee shops are starting to serve it, and Starbucks is making an effort to have it served at all their stores (they currently only serve it at certain stores). Any coffee shop that buys the right equipment can serve it.

If you’re like me, you might be wondering why you would buy it somewhere when you could just make your own at home? The equipment I have found to do this ranges from $200-$400. Brewing it requires nitrogen and a keg system, as well as the cold brew coffee itself. I do urge coffee enthusiasts like myself to make the investment and try it out, but for most people, the cost is probably not worth it.

For anyone interested in making nitro at home, you can buy a keg system on Amazon, as well as the N2O cartridges. For those only interested in trying it, you can buy nitro cold brew in cans, or you can visit a coffee shop that serves it.

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