Roasting Temperatures

When you reach a more advanced level of coffee roasting, you will want to branch out beyond simple light, medium, and dark roasts. Maybe you want to try for a Vienna roast? Or maybe you want an American roast? Whatever you want to roast, I have put together a temperature guide for each level of roasts.

Roast Temperature (°F)
Cinnamon 383°F
New England 400°F
American 410°F
City 428°F
Vienna 446°F
French 464°F
Italian 473°F
Spanish 482°F

When roasting for a specific roasting profile, you may want to buy a thermometer if you don’t already have one. You want to be careful not to go too far over the specified temperature level, but you also want to make sure the beans are as uniform as you can get them. Depending on what you are using to roast the beans, this could be easy or difficult.

Perfecting the art of roasting coffee takes time and – most of all – patience. Practicing different roasts will help it become much easier. After a while, you’ll even be able to tell the roast based on color, smell, and sound!

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